Use of Windows Environment Variables within an ASN?

Author: (radarhead)

Hi excellent people, is it possible to use Windows Environment Variables within ASN files? Barbara suggest creating a variable starting with a $ here: . However this does not seem to work for me. I have tried the following (disclaimer: this is a made up example, but you will get the point): Windows Environment Variables: $EV = D:\BLAH\BLAH EV = D:\BLAH\BLAH Within the ASN *.frm = %EV%\*.frm *.frm = "%EV%\*.frm" "*.frm = %EV%\*.frm" *.frm = $EV\*.frm *.frm = "$EV\*.frm" "*.frm = $EV\*.frm" *.frm = %$EV%\*.frm *.frm = "%$EV%\*.frm" "*.frm = %$EV%\*.frm" But none of which seem to work. Thanks in advance for any ideas people may have. Regards, Mike.


  1. The short answer is No. Cry It's not possible to use environment variables in an ASN file.    There's been a wishlist item outstanding on this for a bit now.

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  2. Ah, well that would explain my lack of success. Thanks Iain. Sadness confirmed.

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  3. Hi Iain What about using envornoment variables in shortcut? Assume, that in EV directory there are not only the FRM,APS,... but also INI- and ASN-File %EV%\the_special.asn              ; in this ASN-File, define files with absolute pathes %EV%\the_special.ini                 Now create the following shortcut Target       :  X:\uinface\common\bin\uniface.exe /asn=.\the_special.asn /ini=.\the_special.ini xyz.aps Working dir :  %EV% Ingo

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  4. in there seems to be a hint:

    To anyone else who sees this problem, the variables need to start whit usys. Variable “usysmyfrm” in any ini file or as a windows (probably also linux) environment variable can be used in the [FILES] section of Assignment file by using “*.frm = usysmyfrm:\*.frm”.

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