Question - what resolution monitors are you using when developing with Uniface?

Author: (Adrian Gosbell)

We're tweaking the Uniface 9 IDF as part of Uniface 9.7.  One thing that we need to consider is what would be the minimum resolution monitor/screen which developers are using nowadays.  For example the one I'm using right now is 1600 x 900.  I'm interested to know what you are all using.  Just to emphasize, development, not the resolution of the screens you are deploying your aps on. . 


  1. 1920 x 1200 Michael

    Author: roesch (
  2. we're mostly using 1680x1050 Knut

    Author: Knut (
  3. 1280 * 720

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  4. 1280x1024

    Author: Iain Sharp (
  5. Windows 8.1 requires a MINIMUM resulution of 1024x768. But that is really small for a s/w developer. I am running 1680x1050.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  6. My desktop resolution (primary monitor) is 1600x900. But my IDF window is cca 1450x1140. I hate maximized windows, since I want to see more than just 1 app/window at a time. But when I connect using remote desktop (terminal services) I use 1280x768 most of the time, sometimes even 1024x768. So my minimum for development is 1024 x 768. Wink

    Author: sochaz (
  7. 1280x1024 and 1440x900

    Author: luis.vila (
  8. 1920×1080

    Author: burdettp (
  9. two monitors   1680*1050 one monitor    1366*768

    Author: istiller (
  10. 1920*1200 or 1680*1050 (when on external monitor in the office) 1920*1080 (when on laptop)

    Author: Arjen van Vliet (