INTERNAL ERROR: data object visible in 2 differente realized objects ?

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 Hi,   In my Uniface webapplication sometimes I get the message 'INTERNAL ERROR: data object visible in 2 differente realized objects ?' in my browser. How can I find more specific information? Which data object? And what are these realized objects?   kind regards,   Peter

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  1. Hi Peter, I'm not really sure if I can help you much - sorry. I had a quick look in our knowledge base (with old cases and known issues), but so far I could not find any related problems. And I also had a look into the JavaScript sources. And the mentioned error message can be thrown when the different objects of a DSP are realized - and hereby we are apparently talking about the HTML/JavaScript objects that will show the data (coming from the Uniface back-end). But maybe somebody can correct me on this. I did not really find a way to figure out which object is affected by this. Well, you could set a breakpoint in the JavaScript sources using the Developer tools of your Browser. But I'm not really certain if this would help you any further. Again, sorry. Anyway, if this is causing you any trouble then it might be a good idea to log a support call. Kind regards, Daniel

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