New features in version 9.6?

Author: (IvanSantana)

Hi I wonder if someone has briefly the new features of version 9.6 compared with version 9.3.


  1. As a suggestion, you could contact your local Uniface account manager or distributor, and ask them to send you some details. What could be useful are the white papers from the analyst company Bloor. They publish one for each new release. On you'll find the one for Uniface 9.6, but if you are comparing with Uniface 9.3, then there was Uniface 9.4 and 9.5 to consider also. These papers are not on .com, because we only keep the most current info published. 

    Author: Adrian Gosbell (
  2. Hi, If you look at the latest Uniface Library Help file (9.6.05) into the section "What's new in Uniface 9". In this section the NEW feautures are described. Arno

    Author: Arno Bonke (