TabEx: Setting fonts and colors?

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Hello, we've got a simple form with 1 editbox and a tab widget (above the editbox). BTW there are other similar forms with 2 and 3 editboxes, but this is not important. The form is quite similar to simple text editor (like notepad) with tabs - so you can edit more "texts", but you can see only one text at the time (like notepad++). Number of tabs equals to number of texts, changing tab changes the text in editbox and so on. Hopefully this is clear. Number of tabs and texts on the tabs is dynamic. Sometimes 3 tabs are shown, sometimes 10. Now I want to inform user, if there is any text "under" the tab and if that text is modified. The simpliest way seems to be to change color and font of text on tabs (in tab widget). I mean, for example, the tab containing text would be shown with bold font. Modified texts would be "symbolized" with tab, which would have bold italic font and red color. I don't want to change color of the tab itself, since this indicates which tab is active. So I need to change the text shown in the tab. Recently, I have change the Tab widget to TabEx, which is much better. But I can't find anything how to change the font and the color of text on individual tabs. Any tips how to do this? Zdeněk PS: I do not want to use images for some reasons not mentioned here.


  1. Sorry Zdenek, We have added a lot of options in the TabEx, but not what you want. It is not possible to set the text color or font of an individual tab. But it is possible to put images on the tabs, so maybe you could add a nice icon to the tabs where the text has changed? Theo

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  2. Hello Theo, thanks for the information. I will re-consider using images in this situation. Zdeněk

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