Fatal error: 8011 - License not available.

Author: gillian.bendel@frontline-consultancy.co.uk (gf07)

I am new to Uniface and have installed a trial version of Uniface 9.2.02 Development on a Windows XP Professional SP3 PC. I have added my licence file to the DLM in the local environment tab. All the licence features have displayed ok (status is ok) and has an expiry date in September. However when I try to open any of the programs like Uniface Deployment I get the error "Fatal error: 8011 - License not available".. During installation I got the warning " An error occurred creating account for userver" and " An error occurred creating account for urouter". I am not sure if this is connected to the licence error or if it is separate. Does anyone have any suggestions please as to how I can resolve the licence error? Thanks in Advance


  1. maybe try putting (under [settings] in the ASN file) $LICENSE_OPTIONS=LM_LICENSE_FILE="" just to knock the LM manager out of the equation?? Knut

    Author: Knut (knut.dybendahl@gmail.com)
  2. Thanks for your reply. I received a new licence file and it worked so I am no longer getting the error Smile

    Author: gf07 (gillian.bendel@frontline-consultancy.co.uk)
  3. Glad to hear that a new license fixed your reported problem, but don't ignore the errors with regard to creating the userver and urouter accounts. If you are simply using Uniface to develop forms in "fat client" mode, you won't need to run any Uniface server processes and you won't need tjose extra Windows accounts. If you want to do web development, or any other task that uses Uniface srevers, you will need to use other accounts, and urouter and userver are the default ones that are suggested for this purpose. The errors themselves refer to the fact that older Uniface installers assumed that these windows accounts would be created with a password equal to the username. Obviously you don't have the default security policy on your workstation, which would have permitted that. Thus you have rules for password creation that must be obeyed. You have two options. One, create these 2 accounts manually, using passwords that obey your policy, and add these 2 users to the Uniface Server Users group. You will have to update certain config files like web.xml as well. Option 2 is to use a newer release of Uniface where the installer actually anticipates that password might not be allowed to equal username, and you will be prompted for a password during Uniface installation. All the config files will subsequently be set up correctly. I do recommennd option 2 as 9.2 is not longer supported, and you are missing out on loads of new features now available in 9.6.

    Author: Eddy Knochs (eknochs@ozemail.com.au)