TXT entity limit?

Author: mark.wheeler@tribalgroup.com (Mark Wheeler)

Is there a text (TXT) file entity size limit in Uniface (we're currently on 9.5)? We have just created a new entity with 767 fields,resulting in 3560 characters. When we try to read a file it crashes Uniface. We created a cut down, smaller 10 field entity with the same properties and it works fine. Any ideas? Many thanks Mark


  1. Maybe this is causing your problem? uLibrary section Maximums: Size of a fixed-length part of record 32 KB

    Author: Theo Neeskens (tneeskens@itblockz.nl)
  2. Each row is on 3560 character in length so that is well within the 32 KB record limit. Is there a TXT driver limit on the number of fields in an entity?

    Author: Mark Wheeler (mark.wheeler@tribalgroup.com)
  3. I can't find any other documented maximum for the TXT driver. I am afraid you need to log a call on http://go.compuware.com Please add a copy of the file and your Model definitions.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (tneeskens@itblockz.nl)