Background color in rich edit box?

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Hi there. I was wondering if there is any way to change the background color on a rich edit box. Either via some sort of property or by RTF syntax. I use the field for highlighting some words in a text with bold font and red color (the user is not allowed to edit the text). The problem is that i can't get the rich edit box to look like the other edit boxes (that are non editable) in the application. I found out that i can make the field dimmed to get the grey color that i want, but then i cant use the scroll bar :-/. Any help would be much apreciated. /David Andersson ITS Sweden

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  1. Hi David, You can't change the background color of the Rich Edit box. If you are on Uniface 9.6 it is very easy to use the HTML widget to display some formatted non-editable text. Theo Neeskens

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