Using $setting in 9.3 restricted in size?

Author: (anne_vw)

Hi, we 're using next command: ; Zoek het printadres op in de beschikbare fysieke printers V_INSTALLEDPRINTERS = $setting("", "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Devices\·*", "REGVALUES") With testing we noticed that the lenght of data returned with this command is limited to +- 300 characters. Te $setting is only published in version 9.5 we are on version 9.3 I was wondering if in 9.5 the returned data is also limited in size. We are planning to do an upgrade but if the problem is tha same we have to look for another solution for this one. Thanks Anne

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  1. Hi Anne, I have done a little test on a key that has a lot of values with 9.6.03 on Windows 7, it lists all of them. The total number of characters returned by $setting is 4599, well over 300. Regards, Etienne

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