Installer GUIDs for Uniface versions.

Author: (Iain Sharp)

As part of the upgrade of our hundreds of remote clients to Uniface 9.5 I want to uninstall all the previous versions of uniface which may be installed on the client machine. I have searched the internet and found a vb script which queries the installer for programs, and extracts the GUID to allow for un-installation using msiexec. However, whilst the Compuware Licence Manager shows up in this list, Uniface in any version doesn't. Is there any way to find the GUID of the previous versions so I can issue a brute force uninstall command whether or not they are installed? Alternatively is there any other way of finding the install information so I can pick and choose?


  1. I have now found a script which details the uninstaller command line from the registry and executes it, but I can't find a command line option which forces the choice of remove (and or runs silently).

    Author: Iain Sharp (
  2. And finally. If you have a sacrificial machine you can find the uninstall command, strip off all the extra gubbins and run the setup.exe -r -f1[Filename] which records the answers to the questions during the uninstall, and then you can use "c:\.....\Installer\...\{XXXXX...}\setup.exe" -s -f1[Filename] to uninstall it, but you need to know which version it is and have a relevant [Filename] for each. So my dreams of a quiet rubbish cleanup on customers' PCs are somewhat dampened but not extinguished.

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