UXMLREADER has limits?

Author: hansen@ahp-gmbh.de (-GHAN-)

can anybody confirm that the UXMLREADER (SAX) has a limit when used in "parse"-mode? It always stopps after 20516 Bytes (dont nail me for some bytes, so lets point it out to be 20KB) and returns a FATAL ERROR. ---[this is the Code]--- newinstance "UXMLREADER", lh_uxml lh_uxml->setHandler($instancename) lh_uxml->parse(lv_xml,0) deleteinstance lh_uxml ---[and it ends here]--- The Reader reports: " FatalError: SYSTEMID=UXMLREADER LINE=322 COLUMN=15 MESSAGE=An exception occurred! Type:UnexpectedEOFException, Message:The end of input was not expected " Line 322 equals the 20k limit (20516 Bytes). I tried several streams with the same result. Kind Regards -GHAN-


  1. Hello -GHAN-, The maximum (documented) size of the XMLDocument parameter (that should be parsed) is 10240 bytes. For more info see the Uniface Library: * Uniface Library ?> Uniface Reference ?> APIs: Uniface Components ?> UXMLREADER ?> PARSE (http://frontline.compuware.com/products/uf/doc/UF92/html/library/CWNL-C2037-200627165352.asp) Hope this helps. Best regards, Daniel

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)
  2. Thx ... :/

    Author: -GHAN- (hansen@ahp-gmbh.de)
  3. In order to finish this thread, let me tell you what happened. I startet a call and Compuware is testing to upgrade the limit to about 10MB (... perfect!) i let you know, if and how good it works ;) Thanx for your time and the reply :) -GHAN- "... webgen? ... who needs webgen anyway?!" ;)

    Author: -GHAN- (hansen@ahp-gmbh.de)