UAR Advices?

Author: (Thomas.Young)


we are moving our application to UNIFACE 9 and so to UNIFACE 9.3.

Now we are investigating the using of UNIFACE Archive-Files.

So we have some technical questions:

a) are there some advises how to use them

  - maximum of object in one archive-file

  - maximum numbers of archive-files to use

especially the inpact for performance?

b) if we use UNIFACE USYS*-UAR File

  - can you delete the other installed objects like forms, services, dol/urr?

c) is there any file-locking issue on Windows, when using UAR-Files for automatic processes and user-front-end?

d) if you use merge with the urm-tool does UNIFACE reread the uar-files or is there an internal cache?

Thanks for any hint, we don't have to expierence by ourselve

Best regards


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