LinkedIn discussion: What are the Top Challenges in RIA development?

Author: (Arjen van Vliet)

This is a great opportunity to let the world know that RIA is possible with Uniface 9:

Let's join this discussion and let the world know about building RIA with Uniface 9 !

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  1. Hi Arjen,

    your thread title reads "Top Challenges", so here the dark side of the moon.

    my "right now, It is still hard to ...(sure it will become better)"

    using other dojo widgets than the few provided right now has a terrible performance
    - as Rik stated: Because it is outside from "udojo...", there is an additional "parseOnLoad", which slows down the applcation.

    would be nice to have a "stepped presentation grid widget" for the xxx hits retrieved (no, this is not about paging)
    - just a table plus a field for "lines to show" and "1-10 of 33" and buttons for "next page","prev page",....
    - just implemented as some javascript code affecting the visibility for lines of the table

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Hi Arjen,

    now let's come to the bright side of the moon:

    Even if some experts give the impression DSPs will create too much traffic,

    - I as a developer found it very easy (even as a newbie) to create proper Websites 
    in the same time i need to create other uniface components.

    - the introcuction of the binding allows now to bring "web"-generated-text straight to
    -- the place where the web-designers live to make it a nice and shining presentation
    -- and after I got the text back, I can modify business logic etc. without loosing the layout

    So there is no need to become a web-code, javacode, HTML jack-in-all-trades,
    just cooperate with the experts an a shared-concerns level:
    -- the webbies with their editors and tools
    -- the single-sided with the IDF

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (