Field Layout DIS(hh h) is not able show simple h as hours???

Author: (dammie)

Hello, how can I use display chars - y,h,m,t etc. in Fileld Layout definition DIS() as constant ( to avoid their substitution ) ? DIS(hh h mm m ss s) I wanted : 11 h 56 m 30 s but ve got 11 11 56 4 30 30 


  1. Hi, AFAIK the desired display layout will only work with a string field. You could assign the time value to a string field that is using the following display format:

    DIS(?? h ?? m ?? s) You just have to make sure that you get rid of the leading zeros (the "date" part); e.g.

    FIELD.ENT = $clock[9] Anyway, the displayed output should look like this:

    11 h 56 m 30 s Hope this helps. Regards, Daniel

    Author: diseli (
  2. Data are transformed via service component ... Unfortunately trigger format/deformat is not present in Service... Yell

    Author: dammie (
  3. Hi, Try using the format / deformat triggers.... FORMAT if (field.ent != "")   $format = "%%field.ent[h] h %%field.ent[n] m %%field.ent[s] s" endif   Regards, Knut

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