Pagination "Problem" solved by proper Data Preparation

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

Pagination does not demand changes in the database drivers,
but changes in the way we implement these tasks.
As in the very old days of computing (1980's),
THINK FIRST is the key to success and performance.
All you need is an educated insight in DATA processing
and a proper "data preparation" plan.
It is much more efficient if it takes
- 1 time
- - get (internally) data from 3000 records,
- - sort them and
- - build a TAT(temp access table) with UUID, SEQNO,PKs only.
- 30 times
- - return access-data for "the next" 100 records.using UUID,SEQNOFROM,SEQNOTO fron TAT
rather than forcing the database  
- 30 times
- - get (internally) data from 3000 records,
- - sort them and
- - return access-data for "the next" 100 records.
This UUID works as the URL in RESTful approaches (see there)
The work-in-procress-documents can be found at: on page "areas incubating"
Success, Uli
Somes Quotes from the discussion on RIA

from hoss --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I just read your document for dITo implementation of pagination in the web.  It was easy to follow and understand. Your explanation to use existing methods instead of waiting for Compware to provide a solution is understood and is necessary in many cases. I will continue to think through your discussion for the pagination topic and hopefully provide some feedback.

from Gerton --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi all,

for the paging stuff I'm really interested in what you try to achieve from a functional point of view. Paging is high on our list and we're in the progress of getting the requirements clear. But to make sure we deliver the right thing, we want to know some use cases. Can you put some use causes on here. Preferable a functional description of what the end-user gets, maybe including a screenshot (mock up).



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  1. Please be aware that paging now is a feature in Uniface 9.6 available for several databases.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (