Prompt empty listbox in Uniface 9, new behaviour?

Author: (Sven_Hedqvist)

In Uniface 8 if you prompt an empty listbox (i.e. no valrep) you get dotted lines around the first occurence of the listbox. Check picture below.

When we run the same form with the same listbox in Uniface 9 there is no prompting at all if the listbox is empty. A mark of the chosen occurence is only provided if the listbox has a valrep value(s). Se picture below.

The form is the same. The settings are the same for the listboxes as far as I can tell. Somehow though the behaviour is different. You can also see that the Uniface8-version of the listbox is a little more 3D than the Uniface9-version.

Is there any remedy for this problem? Our customers are used to using the tab key to move the prompt around in forms, and when you prompt an empty listbox they will in Unifac 9 think the prompt has disappeared.

//Sven Hedqvist


  1. Does anyone have any input regarding this issue, or just information on how the ulistbox widget works differently in u8 and u9.


    I've tried all the widget settings that I can come up with for the ulistbox in 9.3 and I can't seem to find a combination that replicates the "wireframe focus" that exists in uniface 8.

    This is quite an issue for us, since our system has to be designed in such a way that the user can choose to use it without a mouse - this more or less requires that you can see where the prompt is at all times.

    Perhaps it could be possible to write some code for the "Field gets focus" trigger to indicate that focus has hit a listbox, but this would potentially require hundreds of lines of code-inserts for us - not exactly ideal.


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    Christoffer, Sweden

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  2. Since Uniface v9, the List Box widget has been implemented differently by means of the method of drawing the items. V9 uses the owner-drawn method.

    The dotted box is called 'focus rectangle' added automatically by MS Windows for V8 List Box. However it should be drawn ourselves for the owner-drawn List Box.

    It is the implementation issue so that I believe there is no way to get the focus rectangle by any configurations. Please escalate as a bug if it is needed to be fixed.


    Junya Yasuda
    Uniface Lab.

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