big problem with date fields[U9.4]

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Hi all, i have a big problem with datefields; we have stored in our database fielddates with format '0001-01-01 00:00:00.000000' but U9.4 not recognize that as a date format, so when i retrieve that fields, uniface returns only zeros '00000000'.

Is there any parameter to modificate that?

I mean, i know that i can control that with a few lines of code, but we have thousands of forms, any other solution will be great.



  1. Have a look at the different options you have defining the Interface of the date-field in your data model.

    Beside the simple "D" you have a couple of variations (D1 ... D8 ..)

    Think your problem is solved by entering the "best-match" Date-option.

    Success, Uli

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  2. Thanks Uli, our datefield is E8 (it´s combined date and time), I think is right, but I test different options.


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  3. Hi,


    I havn't test it, but have a look at the dbms-parameters, e.g. oracle

    USYS$ORA_PARAMS = use_timestamp

    Maybe this helps.

    Best regards


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