Fast looking for entity/field on big form in U9

Author: (dammie)


is there still searching/pointing window you can find fast entites/fields on big forms with?

I remeber it was in version U7 under key F8 but now it is same as standard win ctr + f that can only search texts in editor window but not entities... :(



  1. I thought already I was the only one, who knew this feature ;-) Yes, the feature disappeared in Version 8. I asked for it as well, but it seemes not widely known or used ...

    Workaround: Just scroll through the structure editor within the component, to find the field you need. Clicking on the field, it get marked on the paint tableau. Not very clever, but nothing else known.

    Author: gypsilon (
  2. In UF7, this list of entities and fields in the structure tree (if trigger editor is open) was ordered alphabetic.

    So if you look for one special field, one could find it very easy.

    From UF8 on, the list is order by hierachy. You have to look carfully to find the field in question


    Author: istiller (
  3. Think it's very easy to build this search utility:

    we have the $valrep of a tree-widget and we can set/change the field value.

    All we need is a menu entry to get this started inside of the IDF.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (