Problem with USYSXSLT/UXML files

Author: (jsdeboer)


I am busy with migrating a Uniface 9.2 application to Uniface 9.4. No problems until now...
When calling the componen USYSXSLT for the operation XMLTRANSFORM I get some file-errors and the transformation fails:
Here a part of the trace:

P0097 $status=1(OPER) HHXSLT:6  activate "USYSXSLT"."XMLTRANSFORM"( P_XML_IN , V_XSLTFILE , "" , P_XML_OUT , V_S
Non-DBMS file open: ui4ECA13CC-B408-42B1-9811-A7403EA5D7F7.uxml 7
Non-DBMS file open: xsl\RplConCOPSReq.xsl 7
Non-DBMS file open: ui4ECA13CC-B408-42B1-9811-A7403EA5D7F7.xsl 7
Non-DBMS file open error: uo4ECA13CC-B408-42B1-9811-A7403EA5D7F7.uxml
Filesystem error:  #2 (The system cannot find the file specified.)
Non-DBMS file open error: uo4ECA13CC-B408-42B1-9811-A7403EA5D7F7.uxml.ulog
Filesystem error:  #2 (The system cannot find the file specified.)
Non-DBMS file open error: uo4ECA13CC-B408-42B1-9811-A7403EA5D7F7.uxml.uret
Filesystem error:  #2 (The system cannot find the file specified.)
Deleting file: ui4ECA13CC-B408-42B1-9811-A7403EA5D7F7.xsl
Deleting file: ui4ECA13CC-B408-42B1-9811-A7403EA5D7F7.uxml
P0097 $status=0(OPER) HHXSLT:7  if ($status < 0)

As you can see the UXML files are not found.
jvm.dll is called in the ASN, working dir is set. I see no other errors in the logging.

Does somebody have any hints?


  1. ... perhaps caused by some ASN file redirection ??

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Use FILEMON to get the exact path where UnifAce try to find the files.

    Maybe you will find a hint. E.g.  if there is a redirection

    Author: istiller (
  3. Finally I found the source of the  problem.

    Uniface uses  USYSXSLT for transformation, which is a JAVA component on the background, this gives nice interaction with Uniface itself. To have succesful interaction it is important to keep the filepaths in the ASN files (working dir, jvm.dll etc.) the same as the environment variables PATH and CPWR_JRE_HOTSPOT_DIR . When these differ the files are apparently lost.


    Author: jsdeboer (
  4. very nice finding, thanks for sharing these experiences with us. Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  5. Just to add that I had this problem and can confirm that it was necessary to add the correct JVM.DLL path in the [USER_3GL] section of the ASN file. Thanks for that

    Author: Andrew Wilkins (