Problem to retrieve data from MSS Server[U9.4]

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Hi all,
I´m starting to use MS SQL Server in a client/server application, but i can´t retrieve data from the database with the "retrieve" instruction, i can with sql instruction, but with "retrieve" always return status=-3 and the message log have
"I/O function: F, mode: 0, on file/table: _SMDBA_.TELMASTEV1 index: 1 =
42000 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Could not find stored procedure '_SMDBA_.TELMASTEV1_FET'."

This code fails:
clear/e "TELMASTEV1"
retrieve/e "TELMASTEV1"

But if i add the filter in the read trigger it works:
clear/e "TELMASTEV1"
retrieve/e "TELMASTEV1"

;read u_where (sequence.telmastev1="1111")

It works.

Any advices?



  1. Hi Rafa

    Hi there a need for (UnifAce-)procedures on database?

    If not, just switch  them off:


    USYS$MSS_PARAMS    procs:off,...




    Author: istiller (
  2. It works, great,but i´ll ask first if someone needs procs on database.

    Ty Ingo.


    Author: uniface8 (
  3. Hi Rafa,

    In the past, a read trigger which holds only "read" is processed differently from a trigger with a CRLF after the read.

    for a couple of standard situations, Uniface uses stored procedures to speed up processing

    As the uniface help reads: Creating Stored Procedures

    Stored procedures can be created if the procedures connector option is on. They are created either on-the-fly if the table is not yet present in the DBMS, or by the scripts generated by the Create Table utility. If created on the fly, the connector does not function correctly if the procedures option is on and there are no procedures present in the DBMS.


    You can get the SQL creation via:

    "Utilities" => "Deployment" => "SQL Tables"

    So if the stored procs does not exist on the database, just run the script against it.

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  4. Thank you Uli.

    Fantastic as always.


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