Problem with carriage returns [U9.4]

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Hi all,
I have a problem with carriage returns in our web application, when i retrieve a string field of our database with carriage returns, not show in web.
I tried a filedump of that field and the file have the correct syntax (with carriage returns), but when i load this file or retrieve the field of the database, there is not carriage returns, it disappears.
After retrieve i tried to scan "%%^" but $result have 0, any tips or advices?

Regards, Rafa.


  1. I had the same issue when I migrated to U9. Compuware told me that in the meta ( = internal ) character set Uniface reserves the first 32 characters (0-31 decimal) plus the last character (127 decimal) for its own use (documented in the Ulibrary, Meta Character Sets). So decimal character 13 (carriage return)  you are inserting is a reserved character in Uniface and shouldn't be used otherwise. They say that it may be that in Uniface 8 it went fine, but the encoding mechanisms have been changed in Uniface 9 ( added Unicode support) and they don't accept it as a migration bug since it is documented that these characters are reserved.

    I ended up using a MS Word COM workaround to create a blank Word document and send the entire string to Word -- I can forsee this workaround for people on non-Microsoft systems but has been working fine for me.



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  2. Thank you Larry,
    I´ll try that solution.



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  3. Are you guys talking about the same thing here? Because I wander.

    Anyways, what triggered me to also provide some info is the fact that you're using the web. I do not know weather this is your problem but do realize that CRs are only used to format the source HTML and are not interpreted by the browser (ignored). So any CRs in your data with the purposeto be shows as HTML will have this problem.You have to replace the CR with the HTML counterpart <br>.
    If you are using DSPs, the StaticText widget will do this automatically.





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  4. <mode=smart_ass>



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