macro "^message"

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Hi All

IN chui mode  below command doesnt seems to be working

Below is the code


"this message in 9.4"



In chui it is just showing as shown below  without mesage frame ,

this message in 9.4                                                  
x  SMARTTEST   x               SMART II Main Menu              x     yyyy      x

 Doesn anyone have any idea ?




  1. Hello,

    AFAIK, there are 2 different locations for messages: message area and message frame. Try using putmess (appends text to a message frame) instead of message (which displays text in a message area).

    Using macro ^message shows the message frame (not a message area).


    EDIT: not sure how about chui (since we use only GUI)

    Author: sochaz (
  2. yeah I am looking for messga frame itself, we cant get it ..

    same thing is working in chui 8.4 ,gui 8.4 and gui 9.4  but it doesnt work in chui 9.4


    (_switch_keyboard) SWIT:7  message "Keyboard switched to %%$keyboard; press Gold-Y to switch back"

    (_switch_keyboard) SWIT:8  return (0)

    (OPTN) OPTN:1  askmess "YOU will get message frame"
    (OPTN) OPTN:2  message "this message in 9.4 case 1"
    (OPTN) OPTN:3  putmess "this message in 9.4 case 1"
    this message in 9.4 case 1
    (OPTN) OPTN:4  macro "^message"

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  3. What Operating System do you use, some 64bit?

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  4. yes AIX 64 bit ,

    but does that make a difference?

    Author: lalitpct (
  5. perhaps, but you may better contact CPWR on that issue.

    If it worked in previous versions, but does not work now, it cries to raise a call

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  6. Hi Uli,

     Thanks a lot but got the solution the issue was that for displaying frames,uniface uses usys*.frm forms  like usysfram.frm n all ..

    SInce the forms were redirected in our application specific forms it could not find it ....i was surprised that system forms were used for showing message frame ...

    I think it would have been informative if it gave an error message ..


    Thanks a lot for your asssitance

    Author: lalitpct (