Compilin DTD with $ude("compile",...)

Author: (BenjaminSchmidt)



we all know, that DTDs must be compiled separated either by using the command line switches (/dtd DTD) or by using "Analyze model" in the IDF.

Now I would like to use the $ude("compile",...) to compile my Uniface objects. But how can I compile DTDs with this command?


greets Benjamin


  1. AFAIK, this is not possible right now, but there is a many-months-old wish for that issue.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. You can indeed compile a DTD using $ude ("compile", "dtd", "mydtd.....".....)

    In here you can list all the DTDs that you wish to compile in a Gold Semi Colon separated list.

    This is available in Uniface 9.4 as an undocumented feature (that I found when trying it out). It is now documented in Uniface 9.5.


    Author: jonnyc808 (
  3. Great, they fulfill wishes, but do not tell.

    Thanks for the info

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  4. Thanks!

    Compiling a DTD using $ude("compile","dtd","mydtd",...) does already work under (P222).


    Author: BenjaminSchmidt (