Accessing physical and logical files in AS/400

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We need to read and write information from a Uniface system running on Windows to AS/400 using the standard files (physical and logical files) not DB2/400. Somebody knows if there is a driver or connector like in SqlServer, Oracle. IBM delivers an ODBC to connect from AS/400 to Access or SqlServer. It is possible to use it?.


  1. not sure what works on AS/400, but what about the TXT driver (sorry, not supported according to PAM)?

    But the SEQ driver is supported, have a look if it provides the functionality you need.

    filedump, fileload may do the job as well, so give it a try.

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  2. PF and LF are seen as tables and views in DB2 (both db2/LUW and db2/400). There is different ways to access it.

    - We use uniface urouter for Iseries, that provide a native way to acces this files executing commands in OS/400 . If you don't have this license or you only want to access some interface tables time by time, there is another options...

    - With DB2/Connect (an IBM utility) you can access iseries wit standar db2 tools like command center

    - Federated Iseries tables in a DB2 Windows database is also possible. We use sometme ago so I don't remember if db2 connect has to be installed before

    - With Iseries tools like client access ,some utilities like an odbc driver and a transfer data utility are installed in PCs to access data. Not only databases tables (that phisically are PF and LF file) , also txt file, spools file.. I think it will be the best and easy way to link iseries tables to access database or any other, but performance will not be good if you manage several thousands of records..

    Hope this help

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  3. It is helpful. Thanks for your response.

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