inquire license manager state (dlm)

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hello Uniface-friends,

We are running the license server version  dlm4450 on linux (Uniface 9.4) and I want to check its state (running or not, feature list, number of used licenses...).  Does anybody know how to interrogate the license manager (cpwr) via command line to collect this information ?

I think for the 'old' license server  there was a lmutil for that, but I found nothing for cpwr.   I would like to use the output in a watchdog script.

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  1. Hi Gerd,

    I've been looking for that for some time now. Please check out the wish list and add your vote to my wish for exactly that. ("Interface with the licence manager")


    Author: Iain Sharp (
  2. hello Iain

    I would prefer a command line toot, as the cpwr dlm itself is independent of Uniface.  This should be easy to achieve and would avoid set up a uniface application for controlling it (I would like to run this script in a nagios installation, a simple command line tool is all I need, and would the Uniface control application start if there are no more licenses available ? :-)).
    We also had the problem that the lic manager was locked up (no respsonse, process still there), in that case the uniface control application would not start (I could interprete this as a problem with the lic manager, but also here a command line tool would simplify my task).

    best greetings,


    PS: you got my vote for your request, it certainly is useful


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  3. Hi gerd,

    wouldn't it be better if you have a word with your local CPWR contact on that issue?

    In most casese, the sales force is mightier than common sense or solid craftsmanship.


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  4. hello Uli

    yes, that's what I'll do if I get no answer on the forum. I thought there might be something somewhere that I've missed, and it woul be known and shared by somebody in the community.  Obviously there is nothing yet.  I will contact Compuware and if I get more useful information, I will post it here.

    best christmas-wishes,


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  5. There is a command line tool.

    dlmcv.exe -usage -feat UCLIENT

    returns human readable output for the current usage of the client.

    and dlmcv.exe /? will show the rest.

    However, I believe some of these features do pagination (Q to quit, enter for more) so dumping the output to a text file for a computer to read it is problematic.

    %%programfiles%%\Common Files\Compuware\DLMHelp.chm will list these options as well, (See command line interface) but the documentation is sketchy.

    There is also the libdlm32.dll, tss.dll and softkey32.dll (which are needed for a uniface install without the licence manager installed) which may have hooks in them someone more quanlified than me can 'hack' into.

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  6. If you want to dump the output to a text file this works for me on solaris:

    echo \n | ./ -usage -feat UCLIENT > output.txt

    then do tail -1 output.txt | sed -e 's/^[ \t]*//' to get the total minus the leading spaces

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