How To Print "Gridlines" From an Entity With Multiple Occurrences

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I'm running a Uniface form on Client-Server.  The form presents data in a tabular format (kind of like an Excel Spreadsheet, but not in a grid widget).  When printing out the results of the form, we'd like to have gridlines print to allow for easier reading of the data.   Is there any way to do the equivalent of "print gridlines" in Excel, so that lines would print between each row?

We are running Uniface 9.3.02. 

Any help is appreciated!






  1. on option which does not appear during display:

    specify a breakframe which contains a line

    in the leave printed occurence trigger of the entity, just enter

    printbreak BreakFrameName

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. another option which does not need additional lines is the "zebra":

    in each odd occurence ($curocc % 2), change the color to one (expl. yellow which is col=6) which is printed as a light grey with the occurence gets focus trigger:

    if ($printing)
      $fieldvideo ( Field1 ) = "col=6"
      $fieldvideo ( Field2 ) = "col=6"

    and revert it in the leave printed occurence trigger

      $fieldvideo ( Field1 ) = ""
      $fieldvideo ( Field2 ) = ""


    Or you can use the example from the helpfile (which takes much longer to process compared with the hardcoded one):

    operation MAKE_COLORFUL
       string LIST_OF_FIELDS
       string FIELD
    LIST_OF_FIELDS = $entinfo($entname, PaintedFields)
    while (LIST_OF_FIELDS != "")
       getitem FIELD, LIST_OF_FIELDS, -1
       ; give this field bright colors
       fieldvideo FIELD, "COL=53"
       delitem LIST_OF_FIELDS, -1

    Author: ulrich-merkel (