Automatic compilation for standardised deployment.

Author: (Iain Sharp)

We currently compile the systetem for deployment using $resources_output=resources\main_system.uar which gives us a large(ish - 24Mb) file of all the complied components.  For various reasons, I would like to make this into a collection of smaller uar files.  I cannot seem to find a way to automatically output compilation to more than one uar file based on component type or name.  Is there a combination of settings whcih would allow for (for example)  "all forms to main_forms.uar, all services to main_svc.uar, everything else to main_other.uar"


  1. Have you tried urm split?

    Author: luis.vila (
  2. No, since we have been compiling everything into one UAR and so far been happy with that, I haven't tried that one.  It seems too prescriptive, and not flexible enough for me. You cannot specify the output, or separate components by type (or prefix, or anything else for that matter) Running it as is means my 24Mb archive turns into a 22Mb archive and MANY < 1Mb archives, making the whole thing just nasty to manage.    However, while looking at urm I found urm move, which is (I think) the thing for me. I can put all the forms over here, all the services over there, and leave all the rest in one core file. I need to test that I can indeed run the system from the 'split' files, but so far so good. 

    Author: Iain Sharp (