[SOLVED] URouter

Author: laura-harvey@softwareimaging.com (laura-harvey)

[SOLVED] This was a misunderstanding about the installation, rather than a service problem - I have now added a user to the UNIFACE Server Users, with the correct permissions, and the dynamic server page works. Embarassed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I have the following error when I try to test a dynamic server page: ----- 300 URD_MW_ERROR Middleware : UV8 Error# : Failure in the connection to the UNIFACE Application Server Error Text : Cannot connect to the UNIFACE process on the remote address/port. ----- I can see that the Uniface 96 Development URouter service is running by looking at Services. Using the UROUTER monitor, I can see the URouter server until I compile and test from Uniface Development (at which point it disappears from the monitor). In order to see the URouter server again, I run the userver.exe. The documentation at http://training.uniface.com/ulibrary/ulibrary/WRDConfigurationErrorsOnWindows_F6A60A04D5BDBF65FBA516F3BAA9285D has not resolved this issue.  

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