Show info for nodes without children (Treewidget)

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to work my way round how the treewidget works at the moment and I need some help in finding out how to show information for a selected child-node in the righthand side listview (my tree uses both treeview and listview).

If I select a node that has children connected to it, the child nodes are automaticly listed in the listbox, wich is just fine, but if I select a node, that doesn't have any children - nothing is displayed in the listview.

Surely there must be some way to display dynamic information in the right hand listview? Or do I need to paint a separate treewidget using listview only and $valrep data into that each time I select a node or child?


By the way, if you have any code-examples of trees feel free to send them this way :)


Best regards


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  1. Hi Christoffer,

    your uniface installation should have something for you in the "samples" subdirectory.

    Not quite sure what you want to show in the listview if there are no childs to a node?

    Success, Uli

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