Calling webservice with activate "UHTTP".send

Author: (ronh73)

Is there a way to call a webservice with activate "UHTTP".send? An example of a simple webservice with one parameter (an XML stream) in the request and the response also one XML stream would be nice.


  1. Which version of Uniface?

    In V9 calls to webservices are importable as signatures. Then it's just an activate.

    Author: Iain Sharp (
  2. Thanks for your reaction. The issue is in Uniface 8.4.06 or 9.4.01. I know about the activate and the generated signature, but I want to have an URL determined dynamically at runtime. With the generated signature the URL is defined hardcoded in the properties of the signature. By using UHTTP the URL string can be given as a parameter in the trigger code.

    Author: ronh73 (
  3. True, the two other solutions I've seen posted involve multiple signatures, or a signature pointing at a local WSDL, which in turn redirects to a remote one, then you write the local one as a file from within the app.

    Author: Iain Sharp (
  4. In the Uniface Downloads -> Uniface Samples you can find a few samples of (REST) webservices being called over UHTTP.

    It's the files from 4 and 6 Aug 2010


    Author: Theo Neeskens (