Glyphs and transparency.

Author: (Iain Sharp)

I'm trying to import an image to go on a panel button. It seems like the ones that come with uniface (e.g. add_occ etc) have a degree of transparency.  Does anyone know if there's an import (like umeta.xml) for the default glyphs so one can use them as a starting point?  Or conversely, whether one CAN make part of a glyph transparent for panels and buttons, and if so, how?    Regards,    Iain


  1. Hi Iain, You can use the Uniface glyphs in your application - the names of many can be found in the Uniface documentation under "Uniface Reference -> Uniface Glyphs" - most start U7_* or U8_*. The easiest way is to create your image files as a GIF, as this supports transparency. However GIF's only support "transparency on" or "transparency off" per pixel (i.e. not partial transparency). From Version 9.6 Uniface supports transparency in PNG's, which allow for degrees of transparency. However they do not work in the tree widget, nor do they grey if the field becomes dimmed. Regards, Mark

    Author: Mark Rennison (
  2. Hi Iain, To find out what glyphs there are in Uniface you can use a litte tool that I made: Regards, Theo

    Author: Theo Neeskens (