Call-In from 3gl: ufget - How to know the byte-content of a buffer?

Author: (palm.kevin)

Currently I have the following problem: When reading a field out of a Uniface-field though C-code (using ufget), then I cannot know the content of the byte-buffer returned. --> When reading a field of datatype float, packing code C20: I get a string representation of the floating-point value. --> But when I read a field of datatype float, packing code F8, then I don't get a string representation of the floating point, but the binary data from the 8-byte float value!   I would like to have a C-method that can read any field (by its name) and return its data. But how can I implement this without knowing the packing code of the field being read?   There is currently no (documented) way to get the packing code of the field by its name. Has anybody knowledge of an unofficial way of getting this information? Or perhaps there is some other workaround?   It seems, that I am not the first one missing this feature. But currently there is no (official) solution for this. (Answer of the Uniface-support team). I think that I am going to open a call to explicitely requesting a 3GL-interface to query the packing code of a field...   Best thanks, Kevin Palm

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