How I can insert a sheet in a excel?

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Hello,I use excel via COM  signatures were generated by:   /sti /mwr=com /pid Excel.Application:EXCEL_

How I can insert a sheet in a excel??


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  1. Take a look at the ADD operation on your EXCEL_SHEETS signature. When I imported the signatures, the classification of the RESULT_ parameter came in as "?UNKNOWN?". I changed this to EXCEL_WORKSHEET. After that, the following code worked:


    newinstance "EXCEL_APPLICATION", $excel$


    $excel$->get_workbooks($workbooks$) ; get the application's collection of workbooks

    $workbooks$->add($workbook$, -) ; add a new workbook to it

    $workbook$->get_worksheets($worksheets$) ; get the new workbook's collection of sheets

    $worksheets$->add($worksheet$, -, -, -, -) ; add a new sheet to it


    The variables are all defined as public handles.


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