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1. Certified Professional. An online test, of the type used in other programmes.

2. Certified Practitioner.  A very thorough examination of the candidate’s Uniface skills, probably through attendance at a workshop that would set a task to design, build, test and deploy of a small application.

Certification would be version based with a What’s New update to move to the next level.

I don’t, at this stage, wish to discuss what benefits would be offered to certified individuals but there would, no doubt, be advantages to joining such a club.

So, how about it Unifacers ?  Do you have any thoughts on Training for Uniface 10?  Or, indeed, Uniface Training in general?  What about certification? 

Let’s see your comments.

For any Uniface Training related matter other than comments on this blog, don’t hesitate to contact me on

Dave Yexley