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(Original creator: adriang)

  This isn’t about the Uniface, it’s about the whole ‘self-service’ approach, which I first experienced while working at Aurion in Australia, they claim to have introduced the whole concept to the Australian market for their HR/Payroll System. We’ve recently introduced a new system for the capturing and managing expenses. On paper, it’s fantastic. The credit card bill is loaded into the system, I use my mobile phone to take a picture of the corresponding receipt, and then match the two together with an explanation on what the expense was for. It gets submitted, Aad approves my expense claim, and all is good. The user interface is pretty good, I can use my mobile device, even if it is a Blackberry, and it’s a very logical process from beginning to end. But it’s got me thinking, is the whole working industry, and the ESS or self-service concept getting to the point where I’m serving myself on so many business processes, that it could interfere with what I’m actually supposed to be doing at work? And it’s not just the expenses, it’s also the applying for my holiday/vacation time and this is just for me personally. When I add the approval for my teams expenses and vacation, and we add the finance system for expenditure, the HR systems for appraisals, transfers, IS requests, etc, etc…I think I preferred it when I had to sign a piece of paper, and that was the end of it!! On the BBC over the weekend, I watched a TV program called “Grumpy Old Men” perhaps I’m also turning into one myself!!