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  1. Open a Terminal session and logon
  2. Start dlmcv by

    Code Block
    [user@host ~]$ /opt/Compuware/dlm/

    This will give you:

  3. Type C for Client
  4. Type L for License path
  5. When the license server is not specified, type A for add, and enter the license path as: 7188@hostname <enter>
  6. <enter> to go back to ---Client Command List---
  7. Type A for Applications. You will know see a list of features available. Note down one client feature that starts with UW..
  8. <enter> to go back to ---Client Command List---
  9. Type V for Verify
  10. Enter a known feature name (the one noted in step 7)
  11. Enter for version: 9.0
  12. When the feature works properly and can be checkout by a Uniface Application, you will see the message 'This feature is working properly' and some more information about this feature.
    Note: features that starts with USRV... can only successfully checked-out (tested) when the Verify check is done on the server where it is licensed for.

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