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Author: (diseli)

Updates for F111
Issue NumberDescription
31457The default server delivered by PostgreSQL binaries supports a maximum of 100 arguments for stored procedures. If you are using the default server, and have tables with more than 100 fields, the PGS connector cannot create stored procedures for them. In this case, you must disable the use of stored procedures by setting the procedures option to off.
31508When defining a PostgreSQL ODBC DSN entry, it is recommended that you disable the "LF CR/LF conversion" and set "Level of rollback on errors" to "Statement". These settings prevent problems with overflow tables and segmented fields.
New functionalityIt is possible to sort objects in the U-Bar by Name, Description or Date Modified. For components, it is possible to sort objects by component type.
-The TypeFace and CharacterSet of fonts specified in the [printer] and [screen] sections of the initialization file are sensitive to spaces.
-Errors in examples of uecreate have been corrected.