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Author: (diseli)

Updates for F106
Issue NumberDescription
New FunctionalityA new ProcScript command has been introduced. The undeclare command prevents the specified ProcScript module from being compiled. It is primarily used to restore a trigger's default behavior.
31421A new initialization setting CefRendererCache is provided to improve the performance of forms that contain multiple HTML widgets. You can specify a number of rendering engines to remain active and available for reuse.
31463The Migration Utility has been enhanced to ensure that the runtime behavior of triggers with default behavior is the same in Uniface 9 and Uniface 10. It attempts to detect cases where a Uniface 9 trigger contains non-executable content. If the trigger container contains no executable content, it is migrated to a construct that ensures that the default behavior continues to apply. The way it is migrated depends on whether the object can inherit, and type of non-executable content. In some cases, triggers are l using the new undeclare keyword.
31466Modeled entities must be imported before or with the components that use them.
-The message text for 1020 has been updated.
-Added examples on restoring widget property values that have been changed, to compiled values using $fieldproperties.
-Added examples on compiling entities using $ude("compile")
-When using $ude("copy") to export entities, entity descriptors (created by analyzing the model) must be available.
-Updated the location of the Uniface setup.exe file, which uniface_setup\win for both 32 and 64-bit systems.
-Corrected syntax of a read order_by example.
-Corrected ugetregs example.