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You may say, but what about the Uniface Anywhere licensing?
The easiest way to avoid having to order new licenses for every server that's being added, is to setup a centralized license server.
A standalone License server is than a an option, however in a Relay setup the most convenient is to use the license mechanism on the Relay server and having all Dedicated servers connect to the relay server for their licenses.
This will have the advantage, that a new instance (clone) of a Dedicated server, can be brought in to service very quickly to increase overall processing power (scaling up).

To achieve this use of a dedicated license server, create a file called 'license.lic' in the ...\Uniface Anywhere\Licensing\ Programs directory directory (or ...\Uniface Anywhere\Programs\ directory prior to UA version 6) on the dedicated servers and place the following in the file:


On the Relay Server or dedicated license server, you will need to open the communication ports used by the license services in the used firewall on Windows.
The most easiest and flexible way is on the firewall to add an Inbound Rule to allow communication for the following two processes:

Code Block
titlefirewall inbound ruleFirewall Inbound Rules for UA version 5
%ProgramFiles%\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\Programs\lmgrd.exe
%ProgramFiles%\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\Programs\blm.exe
Code Block
titleFirewall Inbound Rules for UA version 6
%ProgramFiles%\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\Licensing\lmgrd.exe
%ProgramFiles%\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\Licensing\blm.exe

This will means that when the ports used by the license services have changed, you will not have to change the port configuration in the firewall, as it will automatically follow.

However, when Whenever this automatically changing of the firewall configuration is not desirable, you can fixate the ports used by the License services Services by adding / changing the License file on the Relay server as follows: