Hello (smile),

In Uniface 9.7 IDF it was possible to filter model and entities when adding an entity to a form (for example displaying entities starting with B* was easy by using GOLD KEY)

In Uniface 10 IDE it seems not to be possible, there is no filter option, it's only possible to change Model sort order or changing from list to diagram :

This is annoying as we have more than 1000 different entities and several Model.

It would be a great idea to add a filter option (smile)


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      It seems that you are using an older version of the Uniface 10 IDE. If you use the latest patch level for Uniface 10.3, which currently is patch, then you'll see that now it is possible to filter on the model and entity name in the Component Editor.

      Please do not forget to update the templates, by importing the file \uniface\misc\utemplates.xml after installing the patch.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,
      Daniel Iseli

      1. Pascal MAUSS

        Hello Daniel,

        Thanks for the information, we will download/install it.

        Kind regards,

        Pascal MAUSS

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