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Recovery Steps for Windows Update Compatibility

Symptom: After installing the latest Windows Updates, the computer displays a message: "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.."

The system will attempt to restart and will fail a second time, displaying the same message.

When it restarts the second time, Windows will display the Automatic Repair screen.

Windows Server versions

From the Automatic Repair screen, perform the following steps to boot to the command prompt and rename the ggse.sys driver:

  1. Choose option Troubleshoot
  2. Choose option Command Prompt
  3. Select administrator account name
  4. Give administrator password
  5. In command prompt change drive to D: by typing D:<enter>
  6. Type: CD windows\system32\drivers
  7. Type: Ren ggse.sys ggse.sys.bak
  8. Type: cd ..
  9. Type: shutdown /r /t 0
  10. After reboot Sign in to Windows
  11. Install the latest Windows Updates
  12. Reboot
  13. Rename c:\Windows\system32\drivers\ggse.sys.bak to ggse.sys
  14. Reboot

Windows 10

From the Automatic Repair screen, perform the following steps to boot into Safe Mode and rename the ggse.sys driver:

  1. Click Advanced options
  2. Click Troubleshoot
  3. Click Advanced options
  4. Click Startup Settings
  5. Click Restart
  6. select "Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt" by typing '6'.
  7. Windows will undo the changes and then restart. It will fail to restart the first time and will automatically restart a second time. It will fail again and then automatically restart a third time. It will fail the third time and report that it was unable to repair the PC
  8. Repeat steps 1-6
    1. This time the computer will start.
  9. Sign in to Windows
  10. Type: cd drivers
  11. Type: ren ggse.sys ggse.sys.bak
  12. Close the Command Prompt window
  13. Type Ctrl-Alt-Del (or press the Restart button in lower right corner)
  14. Restart the computer
  15. Sign in to Windows
  16. Install the latest Windows Updates
  17. Reboot
  18. Rename c:\Windows\System32\drivers\ggse.sys.bak to ggse.sys
  19. Reboot