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Client File Cache Timeouts

By default, Uniface Anywhere caches file contents and checks every 60 seconds for a change. If the file is being modified locally outside of Uniface Anywhere and the file gets closed before 60 seconds are up, then the changes do not register with Uniface Anywhere.

Client file caching timeouts can be changed by editing two properties in the DefaultWorkspaceProperties.xml file:

  • fileCacheAttribTimeout: the timeout until Uniface Anywhere invalidates a file attribute (in milliseconds)
  • fileCacheDirListTimeout: the timeout until Uniface Anywhere invalidates the folder listings (in milliseconds)

To set the fileCacheAttribTimeout and fileCacheDirListTimeout

  1. Locate the file DefaultWorkspaceProperties.xml in the following directory: C:\ProgramData\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\
    (note: this directory is by default a hidden directory).
  2. Open DefaultWorkspaceProperties.xml in Wordpad and locate the following section:

    <property id="fileCacheAttribTimeout" group="ClientAccess" type="UINT32">
    <property id="fileCacheDirListTimeout" group="ClientAccess" type="UINT32">
  3. Type the desired number of milliseconds for the value. (This value must be an integer greater than or equal to 1. The default value for both properties is 60000.)

Changes will apply only to newly-created Uniface Anywhere sessions.