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Automatic start on Linux Systems with systemctl

Some newer versions of Linux, as there are RHEL 7 and CentOS 7.x, uses the systemctl to start applications at boot.

To enable the Uniface License server DLM to start using systemctl take the next steps.

  1. Create a new service unit file at /etc/systemd/system/dlm.service with content:

        Description=Uniface DLM services
        ExecStart=/opt/Compuware/dlm/Linux/amd64/cpwr -start
        ExecStop=/opt/Compuware/dlm/Linux/amd64/cpwr -stop
        SuccessExitStatus=0 1

    Note: change the path to the cpwr process name to your actual path if it deviates from the default.

  2. make process executable

     # chmod 755 dlm.service
  3. Reload the systemd process to consider newly created dlm.service

    # systemctl daemon-reload
  4. Enable the service

    # systemctl enable dlm.service
  5. Test systemctl start

        # systemctl start dlm
        # ps -ef | grep cpwr
  6. Test systemctl stop

        # systemctl stop dlm
        # ps -ef | grep cpwr
  7. Reboot system to test

        # reboot
        # ps - ef | grep cpwr