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    Thankyou that has worked. I made the changes under your second reason which involved commenting out the umenu paraneters in the common/adm/usys.ini and uniface/adm/usys.ini. This restored the menu bars back to the windows default and now the menu bars look the same as in Uniface version 9.7.05. I also commented out the uwindow parameters and that has restored the colours back to the same as Uniface 9.7.05.

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      Hello Marcus

      With the same definitions in the ini in section [application] for umenu , font0 and used font for menu  
      one gets the same menu layout in Uniface 10 and Uniface 9.
      All options for umenu are documented.

      Possible reasons for differences:
      No /adm switch defined on the command line and no usysadm in the local ini file specified by /ini. 
      Uniface is now looking first in the local ini file specified by /ini 
      and then the default usys.ini in the common\adm folder.
      There is no umenu setting defined in the local ini file specified by /ini.
      In Uniface 9 the default usys.ini file in the common\adm folder doesn’t either 
      so the application uses the windows default.
      In Uniface 10 the default usys.ini does specify the umenu parameters 
      and that is causing the difference.

      umenu not used in the local ini file specified by /ini
      umenu still defined in usys.ini in uniface\adm and/or usys.ini in common\adm
      Solution is to comment out also umenu in the standard usys.ini files.
      Now menu definitions are the same in both Uniface versions.
      Sizing and color are the same.



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