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Uniface Support Call Priorities

Customer Support Process

Customer support is a service available to maintenance paying customers.

Uniface is dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers. When a call is received, it is immediately logged and prioritized.

How Calls are prioritized

When opening a call for the first time you will be asked to assign a priority to it. The following table provides a guideline to help you select the priority:

Call Priority Assignment and Callback Times

Priority AssignedDescriptionResponse TimeRemarks

Major functional issue for which there is no workaround at the time the call is logged.

Causes the software or operating system to fail completely.

Requires constant restarting of the software or operating system.

Prevents the installation of the software.

Irretrievable data loss/corruption or severe memory leak.

1 Hour

Explicitly documented major functionality of the software is missing or not usable.

Obscure, difficult to reproduce, infrequent crashes, hangs or abends.

Software cannot be used as designed, advertised or documented.

Documentation issue leading to a severe error, installation failure or data corruption.

No workaround or solution known at the time the issue is logged.

4 business hours

It does not meet the criteria of a priority 1 or priority 2.

General question related to installation, product functionality or usage.

Situations in which the functionality of the product is slightly restricted.

Some business impact.

Priority 3 issues usually have workarounds.

8 business hours

It does not meet the criteria of the previous priorities. Low priority request for information.

A defect in very obscure product functionality.

Misspelling in the documentation or in a product screen. Cosmetic problem.

2 business days

Assigning call priorities

  • Assign priority 1 conscientiously. Careful assignment of priorities guarantees resources are available if an emergency occurs.
  • When reporting time sensitive issues you may want to use the ‘Response Time’ as a guideline for the selection of the priority.
  • Evaluate call priority over time, requesting a reassigned priority as necessary. For example, an issue that was not a major concern three weeks ago may now be a higher priority due to an approaching deadline.