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Escalating an Issue

Escalation Process

As a customer it is your prerogative to evaluate the priority of a reported issue over time, requesting a reassigned priority as necessary. This is the most effective way to bring higher visibility to an issue, making it known that it is necessary to expedite the problem resolution to avoid impacting your operations or a deadline.

If you are not satisfied with the level of service you have received from our Support team you may initiate a formal escalation. Uniface has established an escalation procedure to provide its customers with a consistent level of service for support issues. This procedure consists of sequential levels of escalation. The customer’s first point of contact is always the Support Analyst handling the issue, who can be reached via the case you reported via the portal, email or over the phone. Using the same contact methods, the next escalation point is the Support Analyst’s Team Lead, followed by the Director of Customer & Sales Support and the President of Uniface.

When escalating via phone you will be asked to provide the call number associated to the issue you are escalating.