Adapted community site

On the occasion of the launch of the Uniface Community Edition, the new site and the new Uniface styling, the Uniface Developers community is now integrated in and has adapted the new looks. The url has also changed. The community can now be found at The layout of the community is simplified and an overview of the changes is listed below. As always, we welcome your comments and questions in our questions section.

Main changes for the community site

Simplified navigation

The portal is now divided in to three main sections: Development, Support and Documentation. The drop down menu is in line with this setup. In the menu you will find all the familiar items. Content is aligned with questions and other relevant articles.

Next to that, asking questions is now possible in main topics

Emergency Licenses

Downloading of emergency licenses can be done directly via the community. Logging on the download server is no longer required.

Easy searching for Reported Issues

There's a new interface for searching the reported issues database.

Watching individual pages

Watching Questions and topics was already possible. If you want to watch content on the portal, just press 'w' for (un)watching a page.