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I attended the Google Could Next 17 event in Amsterdam recently. There were several sessions I was interested in. One of these was “Extending G Suite functionalities with Business Applications” and the speaker was Lee Boonstra. Here is an overview of the other technological highlights.

Google App Maker

The session gave an introduction to the new product “Google App Maker”. App Maker is a low-code application development tool that lets your organization build and deploy custom apps easily and securely, on the same platform that powers G Suite. The interesting thing is that, similar to Uniface, this App Maker is also a model-driven style development workbench. Of course, it is cloud-based. And it embraces application development. The official App Maker site is: https://developers.google.com/appmaker/. Currently, App Maker is still in preview stage. By the remark on the site: “G Suite Business customers can preview App Maker. Ask your domain admin to apply for early access”. But you can watch this introduction video from YouTube.

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