(Original creator: Jorge Nunez)

Uniface, being a low-code platform which shields developers from technology changes in the application stack, takes pride on staying on top of the leading edge of technology. To start, the application stack I refer to is based on the Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI) defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) about the interoperability and communication layers. So all the technologies needed to maintain applications' interoperability while communicating to achieve the business goal as programmed by the developers.

In Uniface development, we have a track record of keeping up with technology, nowadays more challenging than 33 years ago when Uniface started of course. ;-)

Let me share how Uniface development approaches technology and technological paradigms. Uniface is a technology partner for our customers and partners. As such, we take pride in actively participating in the technological world around us, which should add value to our customers. It also reinforces our relationship with technology resulting in the Uniface direction. Additionally, and with the intention of being transparent, we blog about it.

I want to start by making an analogy between Uniface and Formula 1 (F1 Championships). In F1 racing there are also a lot of technological developments on which all car manufacturers and teams rely on (powertrains, ERS, ES, power units, tire compound, telemetry, DRS, KERS, chassis, etc.). Actually all of the participants follow the evolution of these developments actively or passively depending on their area of expertise (additionally sanctioned by the FIA). It is the same in our application development world, there is a lot of technology involved and we do actively follow it.

Essential to that and following the Uniface value proposition, we need to be up to par with the latest trends in what applications need from technology. Following our analogy, the Uniface car might today have a power unit from Mercedes, while we simultaneously look at the power units from Ferrari and Renault. The Lab and the engineers look at all technologies and we make sure that the leading edge in technology is used by the car we build (Uniface) because that is what makes us different. Product Management makes sure that our customer requirements plus the technology innovations are included in the Uniface portfolio. I think that all of the above confirms to our customers the value Uniface provides is much more than one mere technology, but they can be confident we are looking at a much broader spectrum of the application technology stack. Rest assured that the direction that Uniface takes will be defined and determined by Product Management and reflected in the Uniface roadmap.  


  1. Jorge, I love this article and it is spot on .. the Formula 1 analogy is perfect. I totally agree with you and wish to add a great value along the line of your analogy. Uniface is handing a developer a "power Unit" that he continues to own and able to REUSE it and "drive" any other car of his/her choice without making any adoptions or changes to the Unit. So imagine.. for the same $$$ invested in the original power unit, a developer can drive any car ( Ferrari, Red Bull, BMW ..) and further more ut can also be a Classic old timer or a modern one. ,,
  2. Danny, you are right that is another angle of how Uniface shields and keeps up with technology! Thanks :-)