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We hope you have had a chance to browse around the Uniface samples on GitHub. This blog post will give you some background information and some useful tips for getting started.

Objectives of Using GitHub:

  1. Provide an open public globally accessible area for Uniface code samples and examples
  2. Theme focused
  3. Encourage participation in Uniface projects
  4. Ease configuration and setup of Uniface and Uniface examples

Globally Accessible

We are using to host our publically available repositories. In using as the code hosting platform you have the opportunity to work with project authors and on your own projects from anywhere. The GitHub platform is widely adopted, very well understood including many samples and guides ( and has a variety of tooling on various platforms to interface with the repositories.

How to get to the Repositories

You can obtain access to the projects by navigating to the GitHub Uniface page  and select a Repository. In this example I chose the Project-Startup repository. Once selected the following page will appear:

Uniface GitHub

Click on: GitHub2

Uniface GitHub

If you choose ‘Open in Desktop’ it will attempt to use ‘GitHub Desktop’ available here : Alternatively, you can just select ‘Download ZIP’ to download an archive of the project, extract and use as a sample.

Theme Focused

We have created a series of Repositories that include:

Project StartupBasic project structure with support for the Project Setup Tool.
Development Tooling

Tooling to support development with Uniface including:

  • Uniface Meta Tools
  • Project Setup Tool
  • Signature Wizard
  • Version Control setup
User Interface

User interface implementations:

  • Outlook UI
  • Uniface Tunes (uTunes)
  • Manipulating Windows specific functionality

Uniface Integrations:

  • Utilizing 3GL in Uniface
  • Implementing a REST Api
  • Calling REST
  • Dropbox
  • Sharing data across Windows Applications
  • Interfacing with a GeoIPDB
MobileThe Uniface uClaim application
Product Usage

Detailed usage of:

  • Structs
  • Using POSTMESSAGE across your applications

Uniface web basics:

  • Charting
  • Promises
  • Security
  • Basic web framework

Encourage Participation

In utilizing GitHub you have the opportunity to FORK( the project or projects and add their functionality or techniques to your own project. Additionally, you can request that your additions/changes be incorporated into the master. There is no guarantee that your changes will be accepted, just like every other open-source initiative.

Simple setup and execution

Those Uniface projects that require some basic setup utilize the Project Setup Tool to configure the application for your environment, importing sources, creating shortcuts and compiling the application.


While no attempt is made to provide detailed instructions for using Git and GitHub there are numerous sites that provide instructions and tooling on how to use Git and GitHub. Please take advantage of those resources. As this is the beginning of this initiative please feel free to comment and make suggestions.  

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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to implement the version control tool, but because the documentation is so unclear for me and my coworkers we haven't been able to implement it yet. Nor we have the time to be testing and trying to do this. In this sense, i would like to give this advice: PLEASE! Improve the documentation of everything you guys develop, because UNIFACE's HELP also fails to explain most of the time, and generally no one shares examples of implementation in this forums, like it has to be a secret for some reason. The github repo is a great idea, but everything needs to be explained and contextualized in a better way. The developers who are new to UNIFACE (like myself) often suffer trying to find how things work. It should be easier, more straight forward. Even more experimented developers get to this point. So please, i hope you follow my advice and try to improve the documentation. Best regards, J.B.